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Hi. As you might have guessed, my name is Sandra Jane. Welcome to the place where I express my sometimes chaotic obsessions with social media, cultural anthropology, politics, psychology, and various cultural issues. I also dabble in responsive web design, graphics such as memes and Facebook backgrounds, as well as blog customization and centralized, static, home pages such as this one.

Did I mention that I also enjoy writing about all of the above?

Express yourself with responsive web design that conveys to smaller screens, some really cool images to enhance your social media posts, and original custom content from

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Memes and graphics can enhance your marketing efforts by providing engaging visuals related to your blog posts, tweets, and business.

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Social media trends change daily. That’s why I aggregate news, updates, and informative articles to keep my followers up to date.


Join me as I explore new perspectives on the psychological study of human behavior. The latest news and resources for various issues such as addiction, depression, and suicide.


surviving_the_circus_of_life125 – my daily life.

Surviving The Circus – politics and issues.

a little more about my journey

Graphic Designer, Writer, & Student of Cultural Anthropology

I remember the beginning. The beginning of the internet. It was around the time my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Those were also the days of Geocities website communities. That’s where I started. I learned HTML (and later became certified) by looking at source code, and then I created a site, Alzheimer’s – A Map for the Journey. Then I began designing websites for others.

Today I am still fascinated by the potential of the internet and continue to learn new methods of utilizing it not only for business, but also for promoting and informing people on social and cultural issues that are important.

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"Make it as simple as possible,
but not simpler."

Albert Einstein

Life is a roadtrip. Enjoy the ride.