1st Mission

I continuously find myself being inspired with new issues that become important to me. The following issue is the one that inspired You have entered a safe space for allme to create this blog and therefore is my 1st mission.

I am equally committed to all who feel out of place or out of step with the world, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.

Addictions – Students – Recovery

Considering the severity of addictions and their widespread path of destruction, I seek to become more knowledgeable in new and developing treatments, especially those that are targeted towards our adolescents.

As I gather this information, I intend to publish it on this site for anyone to access. It is also a good method by which I can have pertinent data organized in one place for easy access for me – my blog.


Schools and the public education process are one of the topics that interests me most.

I believe we, as a nation, made a huge mistake when we built mega schools and tore down our smaller community schools.

By doing so, we destroyed the foundation of a support network that was paramount to healthy emotional and psychological development.

Students in small schools were from the same geographical neighborhood and were accustomed to similar lifestyles, which gave them something to bond over. Granted, some neighborhoods were better than others, and forever that shall remain the same.

Teachers that do not know your name, a principal that doesn’t recognize you as a familiar face, and peers that couldn’t care less about you because they prefer to travel in cliques or gangs, do nothing to build self confidence, self worth and a sense of belonging that is necessary to become a successful contributing member of society.

We hear many parents complain about this same situation, but it does not appear that things will change any time soon. The time of the small school where everyone knew nearly everyone else and the teachers knew most of the students, is gone forever, or is it?

The small school re-emerges

As we have witnessed the devastation of addictions among our young people, an interesting phenomenon has risen from the ashes – Recovery High Schools.

While this site will focus on many psychological issues, trends and developments, it will also focus frequently on Recovery High Schools and College Recovery Communities.

Prevention is the best medicine. When that fails or is absent, then extreme intervention in the early stages provides the best hope for young people to return to normal lives.

My mission and fervent desire is to see these schools and communities in every county in the country!


Thank you for reading,

Sandra Jane

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