About Me

Psychology Major, Freelance Writer, & Student of Cultural Anthropology

The beginning of the internet for household use was right around the time my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Those were also the days of Geocities’ website communities. That’s where I started. I learned HTML and later became certified by studying html source code and reading tutorials.

Then I created my first site, Alzheimer’s – A Map for the Journey, which was included in a reference book for Alzheimer’s Disease. I researched all the latest treatments, drug trials, and other resources to help those newly diagnosed.

That book is outdated now, and Geocities no longer exists. My obsession with creating and maintaining websites however, continued to exist, and I ran a design business for many years, until web design became easy enough for many people to do on their own.

Today, I am still fascinated by the potential of the internet. As a perpetual student, I continue to seek out new methods of utilizing it not only for business and education, but also for promoting and informing people on social and cultural issues that are facing us today.

Naysayers may talk about problems they feel the internet has created, but in my opinion, it remains our most valuable tool for dispensing news and information – from connecting to families to connecting people on opposite sides of the world.

It is up to each individual to verify and confirm what they read, to make sure they are viewing verifiable, legitimate sites with references, and to monitor their own activity online.

It’s called individual accountability.

Content provider, media consultant, problem solver

At SandraJaneMedia.com, I take personal accountability seriously. My job as a content provider, social media consultant, and a problem solver, is to provide people with useful and meaningful strategies and solutions to help accomplish their goals.


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